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Hairstylist, colourist & curl specialist

About Me

Interesting fact: it wasn't always my dream to be a hairdresser, nor was it something with which I had a natural affinity when I started my training. Throughout my childhood, adults would coo at my lovely, dark, thick hair but the way it was cut overpowered my face and was prone to frizz. I wanted controlled, sleek locks like the other girls! The availability of products at the time for wavy and curly hair was almost zero and without knowing what I could do with the potential, I went pixie cut short at the age of 13 and subsequently missed an entire era of late 90s/early 2000s long hair styling - for better or worse!


Hairdressing was a career change for me after previously working in the music and publishing industries. I originally trained in London at the award-winning Jones & Payne in Shoreditch, and worked there for 5 years before moving to Bloom Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Glasgow. Recently I decided to brave it on my own and am excited to be offering my services at a new private studio in central Glasgow.


After a brief dalliance with a mid-length perm (I know!) I cut it again, trying all the short styles from undercuts, asymmetry and clippered fades, to graduated bobs and curly pixies. I started on my own curly journey during my training and all the tips, tricks and knowledge that I've gleaned over my career I'm bringing to you!

I am so glad I decided to take up hairdressing. I really love the variety of the job and being able to combine my creativity with making people smile is the best feeling in the world!

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